• Pastured Poultry

    We raise antibiotic-free Pastured Chicken from Spring through Fall; as long as there’s grass on the ground and the temperature complies. Our chickens are rotated onto new ground daily, consuming grass and bugs and simultaneously improving the land. Their diet is supplemented with Non-GMO sourced locally produced grains. This type of rotational grazing allows us to provide a clean environment daily and there is no need for antibiotics. This chicken is packed with flavor, taste the difference from store bought commodity chicken!

    Whole Chickens $8/lb
    Whole Chickens (> 4 lbs) $7/lb
    Chicken Breast $13/lb
    Chicken Thighs $12/lb
    Chicken Drumsticks $12/lb
    Chicken Wings $12/lb
    Chicken Backs $5/lb