• Free Range Pastured Chicken Eggs

    We raise a variety of different layer chickens that free range on pasture daily. They are free to roam and scratch on grass and on the woods edge all day long. All of our hens are antibiotic free and on top of their foraged diet of bugs and grass are supplemented with locally grown Non-GMO sourced grains.

    You will notice different colors, shapes, and sizes of our eggs, this is because we have many different breeds and ages of our hens. A lot of egg farms “cull” their laying flock every couple of years to ensure the largest size eggs and hens at their prime cycle of laying (laying lots of eggs). We do not “cull” our hens but instead let them live their lives out on the farm. Egg production in the winter slows dramatically for hens, some farms add artificial lights to the coop to trick the chickens body into thinking it’s not winter and to keep laying lots of eggs. We do not partake in this practice and instead let the hens take their seasonal break, as Mother Nature intended.