• Berkshire Pork

    What is Berkshire Pork?
    (AKA Kurobuta Pork)

    Berkshire Pigs are a heritage breed dating back 300 years to England. Legend has it that Oliver Cromwell’s army discovered the breed and quickly spread the tale of pigs that were larger than any seen before that produced superior quality Pork. In 1823 the first Berkshire Pig made it to the US. Known to be the wagyu of the Pork world, Chefs around the world seek out this delicacy.

    All of our pigs are raised on pasture and in the woods supplementing with Non-GMO sourced locally produced grains. They are always outside where they do what they do naturally, root! This is one of the reasons why our Pork is so delicious, marbled, and a healthier option than the commodity Pork bought in the grocery store.

    Uncured Maple Bacon $11.25 ea (12oz. Pkg)
    Uncured Maple Bacon Ends $10.50 ea (12oz. Pkg)
    – No Added Nitrites or Nitrates & No Added Sugar!

    Sweet Italian Sausage $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Hot Italian Sausage $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Bratwurst $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Breakfast Sausage $13/lb
    Maple Breakfast Sausage $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Chorizo $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Kielbasa $10.50 ea (12 oz. Pkg)

    Rib Chops $20/lb
    Center Cut Chops $20/lb
    Sirloin Chops $15/lb

    Boston Butt Roast $11/lb
    Picnic Shoulder $11/lb
    Sirloin Roast $10/lb
    Ground Pork $9/lb
    Tenderloin $20/lb
    Spareribs $13/lb

    Smoked Ham Steaks $12/lb
    Smoked Holiday Hams $10/lb
    Smoked Ham Ends $10/lb
    Smoked Ham Hocks $9/lb
    Fresh Ham Hocks $8/lb

    Jowl Bacon $12 ea (12 oz. Pkg)
    Whole Jowl $10/lb
    Heads $25 ea
    Trotters, Kidney, Liver, Tails, Heart, Tongue, Back Fat $5/lb

    *Half Hog Deposit $450
    *Whole Hog Deposit $850

    *Half and Whole Hog deposits are 50% of the total cost of your pork. This price is all inclusive so you know exactly what you will be paying upfront. All butchering is completed at a USDA inspected facility. Contact us with any questions about cutting instructions.