Welcome to Farm46

Farm46 is a small family farm owned and operated by the Laba family in Charlton, MA. We are a diversified livestock farm providing high quality, healthy meats directly to consumers in our community.

Nestled in the heart of nature

Our farm is a true labor of love, built entirely by hand, no tractors or machinery here! Our family has learned through trial and error, one on one conversations, and countless hours of research. Our minimalist yet effective practices work together with our animals to improve the land and produce incredible meats that are not only delicious but wholesome and healthy.

Raised on Pasture

All of our livestock are raised outside using a grass-based diet supplementing with Non-GMO sourced locally produced grains. Our livestock live life as natural as possible, producing a low stress environment. We utilize sustainable agricultural practices through rotational grazing practices. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability.



Rich Laba
46 E Baylies Road
Charlton, Massachusetts 01507